img_5511I’ve been a visual artist for over twenty years. Now I’m starting to add writing to my portfolio of creative pursuits. It’s cathartic to write and it helps work through some things. The main reasons for me to write in a blog format are because, writing on wordpress offers efficient organization with the use of tags and secondly, this part is odd but at the end of 2016, I went and saw a psychic and she told me that I need to write. She told me that there are some things inside that I need to express and more importantly, things I need to share. She said doing this will lead to life changing events. So…. why the fuck not. Let’s see what happens.

Although I have to admit that what I’m going through is extremely personal. It makes me feel odd even sharing this with close friends and its completely new territory for me. I’m not one who is used to sharing his feelings. And for now, I’m keeping things anonymous.