Journeying North

On this meditation journey I started out in Tuolumne Meadows. As I grounded myself and visualized my surroundings I started to feel comfortable and then imagined myself walking north through the meadow of wildflowers and grasses. I continued through the shallow running river and climbed the bank and wandered into the forest always heading north.

At one point, I found myself going into the ground. I was scrambling through the earth. Trying to keep heading northward. Soon the dirt and soil turned to lava and I was making my way through sharp rocks and boulders. I hear a voice say to me, “I’ll protect you with this invisible field.” I didn’t understand it, but I trusted it. And soon I was almost swimming through the lava rocks. Going deeper and deeper while continuing my northern trajectory.

Eventually I pop out into this small cave lit by glow-in-the-dark mushrooms. I walk through the cave and down a tunnel on the opposite end. After walking down the tunnel, I decide to take a left and I walk right into and through the tunnel wall. Immediately, I get a sensation of tingles all up and down my body. (I take these bodily sensations as clues. It’s like the tingling sensation is my guide telling me my choice is correct.)

At some point, I feel a pull from above. It’s a pull from the ‘real world’ but I want to stay in my meditation and go deeper. It’s a feeling where my mental focus and my physical body were being pulled in opposite directions. I struggled through and almost wished I didn’t, because now I found myself crawling through maggots and worms. They were all around me and inside me and coming out of my mouth. It felt nauseating and made me almost physically ill. My desire to stop meditating was intense, but I pushed through and stayed seated.

I crawled against the rocks trying to get the worms and maggots off of me. There were bushes tight together and I crawled through this tight space and that brushed all the worms off of me. When I broke through the bushes I found myself facing the arctic sea with thousands of stars above. I did stay on course and made it as far north as I could imagine.img_5380

Out in the ocean there was an Orca waiting for me. He said he was my spirit guide. I said I was saddened because I never saw an Orca in real life. He said that was ok because it is his strength and wisdom and guidance that he offers. He reminded me to be honest and true to myself and to others.

By this point, I had been meditating for quite awhile and the excitement of finally getting somewhere, and my desire to not lose this image forced me to come out of my reverie and to start writing. The drawing above represents the Orca I saw and the drawing below was the view I saw after emerging from the ground.



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